If you’re a novice to the fitness industry, you might be impressed and confused at the same time with the number of fitness shows, events, and competitions going on around. This industry profits huge money and often organizes spectacular performances, trying to promote fitness itself, fitness products and equipment, increase brand awareness and finally – to give competitors chances to perform and show their impressive abilities and results.

So, if you are interested in health and fitness or already being a part of this world, here are some suggestions for upcoming shows you should visit, explore and experience in person. Aside from the biggest names among fitness shows and events that you are certainly familiar with, we’ve created this list of comprehensive events that might not be the greatest globally, but also provide a chance to see relevant exhibitions.

ASF – fitness powerhouse

Upcoming Fitness ShowsThe Arnold Sports Festival is nation’s largest sports, health and fitness exhibition that takes place every year and gathers various big names and entities in the sporting world in general, fitness, wellness and bodybuilding included. The Arnold Fitness Exposition promotes everything you need once you enter the world of fitness. It refers to fitness equipment, nutrients, supplements and many other features coming from this industry. The show includes performances of many relevant fitness names and clubs too.

Weekend for fitness

Whether you are interested in basic aerobic training, weightlifting, CrossFit, kick boxing, fitness dancing or any other form of fitness for men and women, Olympia Fitness Performance Weekend is the “most visit” show. This exhibition hosts several thousand guests and competitors, with almost thousands of performers in all divisions and it also provides an exposition of myriad fitness products and equipment.

“Candy shop” for fitness consumers

Upcoming Fitness Shows

FitExpo is probably the largest fitness experience expanding its events to more and more locations nationwide and worldwide. The show hosts almost 100 000 visitors per year, provides dozens of performances and fitness routines exposed by some of the greatest names in the fitness world, but it also offers an enormous choice of fitness products and impressive educational and recreative material regarding fitness and wellness. The show usually includes several celebrities helping promote fitness and raise awareness of health and sport.

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