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Who is Benjamin Pakulski?

Benjamin Pakulski (alternatively famous by his nickname: the Pak-Man) is globally popular as an IFBB professional bodybuilder as well as known as a winner of 2008 Mr. Canada contest. He is a famous bodybuilder as in the IFBB, Pakulski completed at second place for two times in 2008.

It is common that you may be wondering about who is Benjamin Pakulski and why people from all over the world admire him so much, well go through below sections of his biography and career performance which clearly helps you to know how popular he is.

Glance at his Biography

Benjamin Pakulski was born on March 18, 1981 in Toronto, at Ontario, located in Canada. He runs his own website in which he stated that he has actually started his interest in nutrition when he was a child of age 12 years. This was the time when he read regarding vegetarianism and tried with it for span of total two years.

When he was of age 15 years, he started doing weightlifting in Macks Gym inside Toronto. At an age of 17, he started watching formal events while his father conveyed him to a Night of Champions contest held between Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler.

Pakulski got coaching from Charles Glass and Charles Poliquin, recognized as two highly-powerful figures in the world of bodybuilding. It is found that he regularly eats 120 lbs of meat per month, which costs approximately $1,100.

Glancing at his educational qualifications, he had completed his graduation with honors with a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. Talking about his personal life, this bodybuilder is engaged to Amanda Vassalo and with her he has two kids.

Career Performance of Benjamin Pakulski

If you still have query of who is Benjamin Pakulski, it will be fully solved once you go through below section of his career performance. This is because he is such a bodybuilder who has attained great success in his career based on his determined performance, started from his young age.

This bodybuilder’s initial pro-bodybuilding event is usually listed as 2009 in the IFBB, held in Tampa, inside Florida. It is revealed that he had completed at third place in the event and he also qualified for a 2009 Olympia offer, the one that he selected to turn down.

Muscular Development reviews of this bodybuilder have acclaimed his legs as good-sized; however, his upper body was acclaimed as lacking. Moreover, a review provided in 2009 allowed us to know that he had a “Scandinavian look” as well as “huge legs”, however, he was capable to stand to have a deeper back.

It was in 2012 that he has competed in the Mr. Olympia competition, which was known to be his initial competition and he got win at the eleventh position.

Moreover, he too qualified for 2013 Arnold Classic competition and one writer working for Flex magazine guessed that Pakulski will be able to win the competition. This writer had justified his guess through the absence of a current champion, because chief pros Branch Warren, the governing Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Evan Centopani, and Victor Martinez will be thrown out from the competition.

Within the article, it is found that Dexter Jackson was assumed to be a thoughtful contender, however, his performance done in a tough Masters Olympia contest weeks prior would make him weak to a fresh participant like Benjamin Pakulski.

Ben Pakulski has gone on to do many youtube videos and release a program called MI40. This has proven to be very popular with advanced work out enthusiasts as discussed in this MI40 review article.

Championship History

Fitness Championships are relatively new physique-exhibition shows that have emerged from wider category of bodybuilding. These two are often confused, and the main difference is that fitness competitions emphasize muscle definition oversize.

You may focus on fitness championship or figure competitions, due to there are championships for both nowadays. Fitness Championships are centered around dance routines that impose intensive and highly challenging limitations for performers. Both body’s strength and body’s endurance are being tested, as well as creativity, elegance, and precision. Recently, another division of fitness competitions was added to this field of sport – bikini competition.

It all began three decades ago

Fitness Championship HistoryFitness Championships are the whole independent industry and the world nowadays, but it all has begun back in the eighties in Las Vegas. The first fitness championships included several elements that constitute separate competitions nowadays, including dancing routine and bikini competition. After the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness emerged and encapsulated fitness championships as legitimate, independent competitions, the fitness world has begun to expand extremely. Gradually, the fields of interest in this large sport filed started to divide, and it led to separating fitness competitions from the figure, bodybuilding and bikini championships.

The schedule of a typical fitness championship

While preparing for their contest, every fitness competitor should work equally on their body definition, strength, and endurance, because each of these elements will be tested during competition. Swimsuit routine requires elegant walking on high heels in the swimsuit, so the main feature is muscle definition. However, the center of competition is a routine round where tough, physical limitations are challenged. There are strict regulations and requirements for each performed element, as well as regulations from the ethical and moral aspect. When performed at the highest professional level, fitness competition truly is a form of art that combines dancing, aerobic, gymnastics, beauty, elegance, and creativity.

The big names

At the local and regional level, there is a myriad of various fitness competitions. But some of the most important international championships include Fitness Olympia and Fitness International, Fitness Universe. There are also various fitness championships for men and children.