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Guide For Successful Preparing For A Fitness Competition

As the owner of a successful gym, I work with a lot of people trying to reach high levels in the fitness world and check their capacity at various fitness competitions.

All of these people are working hard and passionately, taking care of their diet, keeping their figure slim and staying regularly updated regarding all sorts of news in the fitness world. However, fitness competition is probably the hardest routine they will ever experience and the extreme challenge to the mental and physical state, so usual working out probably won’t suffice.

Thus I have decided to run down the list of directions and instructions useful to anyone getting ready to jump into this adventurous and highly rewarding journey.

Be real when choosing fitness competition

Aside from many international huge fitness contests, there are many local and regional competitions you may take part in. After choosing the adequate division and the organization, do the thorough research.

Attend some local competitions to get to know the way fitness competitions work, read about current result and winner in your league and study about their preparation methods. Explore their results and estimate yourself realistically. Once you select few competitions of interest, contact the organization and get familiar with criteria and requirements. Be prepared for various registration fees, testing, pre-judging and several months of tough working out.

The period of intensive preparations

Fitness CompetitionDepending on the level of contest you choose to aim to, the required period of working out and preparations varies a big time. Most competitions require at least three months of organized, disciplined and systematized training based upon a steady plan and solid strategy. The best if lead by the professional fitness trainer with previous competition experience. You might need to change your usual fitness trainer and work with someone more skilled or more specialized in the fitness fields you have chosen to take part in.

Also, it is recommended to include a nutritionist and focus onto specific diet designed to boost you the right kind of nutrients and energy to go through all of this. The overall training should be divided into stages so that you can invest into every important element of your appearance. Combine cardio exercising with working on your shape and strength, but keep the elegance in mind. Also, consult the expert to include adequate supplements into your diet so that you can get the maximum out of your body.

Styling also matters

Fitness Competition

Yes, in the world of fitness competitors, appearance is also important. Some experts can help you choose the right suit and all other features, or you can analyze the current trends in previous competitions. Also, practice your posing and body language. Thus it can help you dominate on the stage and add a note of powerful to your performance.

Championship History

Fitness Championships are relatively new physique-exhibition shows that have emerged from wider category of bodybuilding. These two are often confused, and the main difference is that fitness competitions emphasize muscle definition oversize.

You may focus on fitness championship or figure competitions, due to there are championships for both nowadays. Fitness Championships are centered around dance routines that impose intensive and highly challenging limitations for performers. Both body’s strength and body’s endurance are being tested, as well as creativity, elegance, and precision. Recently, another division of fitness competitions was added to this field of sport – bikini competition.

It all began three decades ago

Fitness Championship HistoryFitness Championships are the whole independent industry and the world nowadays, but it all has begun back in the eighties in Las Vegas. The first fitness championships included several elements that constitute separate competitions nowadays, including dancing routine and bikini competition. After the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness emerged and encapsulated fitness championships as legitimate, independent competitions, the fitness world has begun to expand extremely. Gradually, the fields of interest in this large sport filed started to divide, and it led to separating fitness competitions from the figure, bodybuilding and bikini championships.

The schedule of a typical fitness championship

While preparing for their contest, every fitness competitor should work equally on their body definition, strength, and endurance, because each of these elements will be tested during competition. Swimsuit routine requires elegant walking on high heels in the swimsuit, so the main feature is muscle definition. However, the center of competition is a routine round where tough, physical limitations are challenged. There are strict regulations and requirements for each performed element, as well as regulations from the ethical and moral aspect. When performed at the highest professional level, fitness competition truly is a form of art that combines dancing, aerobic, gymnastics, beauty, elegance, and creativity.

The big names

At the local and regional level, there is a myriad of various fitness competitions. But some of the most important international championships include Fitness Olympia and Fitness International, Fitness Universe. There are also various fitness championships for men and children.