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How To Choose From The Roster Of Best Beginners Mountain Bikes

The Best Beginner Mountain Bike Guide To Stay Fit and Have Fun

Are you frustrated with the daily drive to work and thinking about cycling as an alternative? Maybe you fear embracing cycling because you are poor at it. You are probably wondering what bicycle to buy just in case you develop the courage to cycle or you just want to have a healthy way to get to work.

Worry not, nature has it fair side, therefore best mountain bikes for beginners are available that will give you comfort and guarantee you safety as you ride.


Best Entry Level Mountain Bike

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Van Dessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Rival 22


This bike is comfortable in almost all terrain. This bike can accommodate tires ranging from 23mm-2.1 inches hence making it capable of handling paved tarmac, smooth dirt trails, and everything in between. This bike is belt drive compatible in case you decide to ditch the ancient chain-and-cassette
setup. With these kind of qualities, the bike is ranked amongst the best entry level mountain bike for beginners.

Best Beginner Mountain Bike

giant mountain bike

Giant Trance 27.5 3

This bike is well known for its midsize 27.5” wheel platform. It is an affordable and made of aluminium. Special in the sense that it can help overcome chunky obstacles and at the same time deliver a snappy,
playful ride. This bike has a nice braking system that is facilitated by the hydraulic disc brakes that have 160mm rotors in front and at the back.

Best Beginner Mountain Bike Under $1000

picture of trek 74 hybrid mountain bike

Trek 7.4 FX Disc

This is a budget friendly commuter bike that will ensure you are rolling on the path to a better health and fitness. This bike has a drivetrain with a triple chain ring that ensures when riding you will not run
out of gears regardless of how steep a hill is.

This bike has a frame where cargos can be mounted to facilitate smooth cycling. The presence of disc brakes ensures consistent and modulated stopping power during torrential downpours therefore avoiding accidents. With these qualities, the Trek 7.4” FX Disc bike is a really good mountain bike for beginners.


Good Beginner Mountain Bikes Under $500

Cannondale Slate 105.

This bike has an aluminium frame rig which connects the frame geometry, quick handling and drop bars. These characteristics makes this bike to be ridden anywhere making it a really good choice for starters.


Diamondback Century Sport.

This is an affordable bike, that has an upright riding position make it easy to climb hilly terrain and also has a friendly gear system. It has a stiff aluminium frame which assures the pedal power in is equal to the
efficient forward propulsion out. The thickness of its tires ensures that there is an advanced traction and bump absorption compared to thinner tires these qualities makes this bike among the best mountain bikes for beginners.


Specialized Roubaix SL4 Disc

This bike is mainly designed for rough terrains. It has wheels that are tubeless meaning you can ran lower tire pressure minus the panicking about pinch flats thus this is one of the best mountain bikes for starters under $500

Fezzari Wiki Peak 29er

This is termed as the best mountain bikes for beginners because it is designed in many ways that will ensure you get the best size and setup equally its price is low. All you need to do in order to get the best bike in this category, specifically for you, is to provide your details that include riding style, weight, height, and arm length. With these details in mind the producer the makes the best bike for you and ships it to your destination.

With this unique factor, whereby a bike is made based on the qualities or the rider; this therefore makes this bicycle one of the best mountain bikes for beginners.


Mountain Bike Guide Wrap-Up

You can now get on the road and start riding. Hopefully this article allow you to identify the best bike that suits you best and join the millions of people cycling globally. Check out more mountain bike reviews at