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Growing up, I have been very close with my cousins. They served as my playmates, my buddies and my secret keepers. Our parents always wanted us to be there for each other since that was how they were raised. Now that we are older we still get to visit each other as often as we could. We always wanted to share good stories over good food or even coffee or a quick tea if time permits. One of my cousins whom I considered to be like an older sister is whom I usually visit. She gives me advice in life in general since she may have experienced first most of what I have also experienced in school, career, family life, etc. When she had a daughter I was very excited for her and I was also delighted and blessed to be an Aunt.

As the years went by, we are still able to keep our bond tight. That is why I was also saddened when I  have heard that my niece has Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS).  Right there I have decided to learn more about it and of course find out what can I do for her.

What is Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS)?

According to Scoliosis Research Society:

AIS is by far the most common type of scoliosis, affecting children between ages 10 to 18; it’s found in as many as 4 in 100 adolescents. In general, AIS curves progress during the rapid growth period of the patient. While most curves slow their progression significantly at the time of skeletal maturity, some, especially curves greater than 60o, continue to progress during adult-hood.

I was thinking on how can I make my niece feel better since her parents are already seeking the best treatment for her. At first I thought of giving her a toy that she has always wanted so I can maker her happy. But then it occurred to me that’s only temporary, I  wanted to give her something that she can use and give her comfort as well. Since she had trouble sleeping I thought of giving her a new mattress. Choosing a mattress for children with scoliosis could be tricky so it is important to do your research. According to The Sleep Judge:

Before choosing a mattress, make sure to do your homework. Not all beds are created equal and some may be deceptive at first, not necessarily in quality, more so just in what you need specifically for you.

Best Mattress

After going through some stuff I somehow knew what I was looking for. But when I saw the options there were tons to choose from. Luckily I came across with a website called Mattress Battle which made my hunt a lot easier. It has mattress guides, mattress comparisons, reviews and good options to choose from. Perfect for all types of sleepers.

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