How Much Does A Wrestling Ring Cost?

Picture Of How Much Does A Wrestling Ring CostWrestling requires much carefulness especially inside the ring and during the match. The record shows that about 8.52% of wrestlers died in the wrestling ring. Also, 2.02% sustain life threating injuries during the match.  This stat shows how important it is to spend adequately on constructing a solid and safe wrestling ring.

However, the big question remains, How much does a wrestling ring cost? We made our research and found answers. Read on to know what we found.

So, How much does a wrestling ring cost? The cost of the wrestling ring ranges from $50 up to $300. You can also choose to go for a pro wrestling ring. A pro wrestling ring usually costs anywhere between $5000 and $10000.

One major factor that influences the cost of a wrestling ring is the quality if the various component that makes up the ring.

What Are The Component of A Wrestling Ring?

If you are going to buy a wrestling ring, you need to understand the concept behind it, you need to know what to look out for, and you need to understand the differences between rings. All this combined gives you the leverage you need in other to purchase the best.

Especially when you read informative reviews from websites like Tech Trends before you make a decision. However, let’s look at some of the major components of a wrestling ring;

  1. Size:

The standard size of a wrestling wing is between 16ft to 20ft. The major importance of size in choosing a wrestling ring is to accommodate the height of the wrestlers. It will be awkward for a guy who is 5ft 6inch tall and weighs 175 pounds to use a ring that is a 16ft ring, right?

This is why some continents and nations decided to choose the dimension they feel best suits their wrestlers. For example, the standard wrestling ring size in the United States is 18ft while it is 16ft in Europe. It is believed that American’s tend to be taller than the Europeans.

  1. The rope

Two types of ropes are used in the wrestling world. They include real rope and cables.

The real rope is used in WWE because it helps showmanship. It comes in any color you want and they are more realistic. If you are going to go for a ring with real rope, along with its advantages, you need to be prepared for its high cost of maintenance.

Cables, on the other hand, help highflyers. This is basically the only advantage of cables as opposed to real ropes. They do not give cushion in any way.

  1. The MAT

The mat is a big part of the wrestling ring. This is because it covers the main playground. The mat, therefore, needs to be durable and have the ability to withstand the various activities. It must also be beautifully designed because they provide the aesthetics of the ring.

Wrestling ring mat is usually of 2 types; the vinyl and canvas.

Vinyl mats can be easy to wash, durability is one of its natures. However, they are known to be slippery. This is very dangerous for wrestlers because they can cause bad injuries. Usually, when the vinyl mat is used for a wrestling stage, it is managed by cleaning it at intervals, in-between the match.

It is better to use canvas for the ring’s mat because it doesn’t reflect light nor does it shine.  The canvass has natural colors and it can give the ring a natural aesthetic look. The canvas is made out of thick cloth which means there is no issue with it been slippery.

  1. The Iron:

Irons are used as the support of the wrestling ring. They are hidden below the mat. The form serves as the cushion against the toughness of the iron when the is made.

The major difference between irons is the manner of design; some design allows you to fold it while some are not designed that way. This comes in handy in the place of transportation. One is easy to transport, the other is not.

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