A Look At The Best Knee Braces For Runners and Athlete’s

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What knee brace is best for running? Brace Access has an excellent article on this question. These days just getting out of our “couch potato” states to be active deserves a gold medal. The motivation and drive to be fit and healthy through exercise tend to be branded in a select few individuals who give it they’re all. A popular form of staying fit tends to be running as it can be calming to the senses.

However, a common drawback known as knee pain arises commonly as a concern to fellow runners. To tackle the issue of knee pain, knee braces have been a popular solution. However, with a vast array of braces found in the market, it can be hard to find the right one in terms of the type of brace and the best knee braces in the market today for running.

Type of Braces

There are instrumental differences found in different types of braces that are tailored to suit each runner differently. So, determining the best type in detrimental.

Knee Bands: This form of compression is best for the runner who has a stressed patellar tendon, runner’s knee, and tendonitis. It can also be used to decrease the chances of sprains. It is only recommended to be used for mild pains in the knee.

Knee Tape: This tape reduces soreness and mild aches and is best for runners looking to take pre-preventive measures to decrease chances of wounding themselves. A major plus is that it lacks the bulky weight other knee braces tend to carry.

Hinged brace: This tends to be an extremely bulky brace that’s the main function is to avoid the individual to extend their leg. It is only used for individuals who have recently gotten surgery or are trying to recover from a more severe form of injury. Ideally, runners who require this brace shouldn’t even be running.

Neoprene brace: This brace warms and compresses joints and muscles through the method of insulation. It is ok for runners as it is not as bulky as a hinged brace, but still can be a bit uncomfortable when trying to run in it. It is mainly used to avoid bruising or reducing the intensity of an already bruised knee.

Patella stabilizing brace: Like the knee bends, the patella stabilizing brace tends to help protect the patella and prevent tendonitis. It is known to offer more protection than a knee band and still be comfortable for running. Therefore, it is used for more severe rigor in comparison to the knee bands.

Arthritic knee brace: This brace tackles arthritis by reducing the number of bones rubbing together. Naturally, it reduces pain while runners with arthritis are in motion.


The Top Knee Braces

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Advanced Hinged Open Patella Knee Brace: This brace was designed to tackle multi-faceted issues including pain from a sore patella, arthritis, and runner’s knee. It even helps avoid sprains while running as it is a joint combination of the neoprene and hinged braces mad into one brace.

Tuff Brace Athletics Knee Brace and Support: This Velcro based brace is mainly designed to deliver the optimum compression needs tailored to everyone. However, it is also multifaceted in its features as it offers stable padding for those with a weak patella and helps reduce swelling that is associated with arthritis and runner’s knee.

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